Brandon Hannan has the starring role in a hot new movie screening at film festivals and schools called, "Taught To Hate." It is inspired by hate crimes with the goal of teaching tolerance and understanding. This short film was written by Rich Caban and James Garcia Sotomayor (director) and is the winner of the Award Of Excellence in the IndieFest in California. A feature film with Brandon playing Ryan, a member of a fight club in "You Have The Right To Remain Violent" is now on DVD. Watch for Brandon in the Tyson Anytisers commercial currently airing across the country through 2011. Brandon has starring role as a Princeton math genius in the indie short, "Prodigy", now in editing.

Even before reknowned casting director Georgianne Walken called him 'a natural' when he landed the dynamic lead role of Vito (Spatafore) Jr. on the HBO TV series hit, "THE SOPRANOS" Season 6-Part II (2007) The Final Episodes, 13 year old actor, Brandon Hannan, was auditioning and wowing many indie film casting directors around New York City.

Brandon had just spent his 2006 summer travelling around the northeast filming various independent films in diversified roles when he had the opportunity to audition for "THE SOPRANOS" at the last minute. "I didn't even have the sides", says Hannan, "everyone else did". It didn't really matter because the young, yet seasoned, actor had the character down cold in a heartbeat. One question they had, "'Would you be willing to dye your blonde hair black for the role?" "Not a problem!"

Working one-on-one in dramatic scenes with veteran actors James Gandolfini and Frank Vincent was an honor for Brandon. "They are such terrific actors and so nice." Brandon's most memorable episode is "Chasing It" due to its intensity.

Some of Brandon's other TV credits include commercials and TV pilots including The Murray Hill Show as Murray Jr.; Gagsters; and The Bubblebuds.

Independent film roles keep Brandon honing his craft. Some of his latest are "Slingers" where he plays the comedic relief role of the cowboy, Hamster; "Out Of The Fog" finds Brandon as David Samuels the serious child genius; in "Bloody Mary" we see him as Sean the 'cool kid'. "Emporer Of Ice Cream" we see him as Matthew a good friend to have. Filming "Pier 45" was different. It is a black and white short with no sound filmed on Pier 45 in NYC with only two characters, one being Brandon.

In 2006 "The Day They Came Back" which won Best Feature in the L.I. Film Festival and Best Feature at The Pocono Mountains Film Festival finds Brandon in the role of Brandon Stevenson running from zombies. Also featured in the movie is "Friday the l3th" star Paul Kratka. In "Marcus Story" (2006) we see Brandon as a questioning Nathaniel asking why the man is taking a bath in the sink. This film hit the festival circuit as well.

"Husky" (2005) in which Brandon plays the role of Ruby an overweight 'husky' boy who yearns to become his superhero idol for Halloween won the Best Short Film award at The Pocono Mountains Film Festival and was also in the Craic Fest, L.I. International Film Expo, L.I. Film Festival, L.A. Shorts to name a few and can be viewed on line at

That same year the star studded movie "The Signs Of The Cross" (2005) in which Brandon was Chris (a school boy) won the Best Feature Film award at The Pocono Mountains Film Festival and Best L.I. Feature at the L.I. International Film Expo. In "Dead End" Brandon plays Jason, a bully, and in "My Valentine" he is Luke Waters protecting his abused mom from further violence. This film was nominated for Best Screenplay.

Brandon has done stage plays in school and in local theater including "Oklahoma" (Marshall Cord Elam), "Everything In The Garden" (Roger), and "Mary Poppins" (a dancing doll). Brandon grew up in Dix Hills, N.Y. on Long Island and attends Candlewood Middle School.

Special Talents & Abilities:
Trying to balance it all is a job in itself as Brandon is an honor student and a member of The National Junior Honors Society. He is very athletic as well winning various awards for football (offense/defense - 2 team medals-gold), lacrosse (goalie-Rookie Of The Year), skiing-race team (bronze medal). He has a green belt w/black stripe in karate. He can swim well, horseback ride, snowboard, play pool, and play chess. Brandon spends time practicing his alto saxophone and does a NYSSMA solo for jazz too.

Giving Back:
He makes time to work with local charities such as Toys Of Hope, Huntington Boys & Girls Club, Madonna Heights, North Shore Animal League America, and helps others in need.

Brandon has ridden Icelandic horses and driven snowmobiles across glaciers in Iceland, flown falcons in Ireland, ridden bareback horses into the ocean in St. Martin, and dogsledded in Canada. On the contrary, he also loves to stay home in his pj's to play video games, spend time with his dogs, listen to his Ipod, and paintball with friends. He did dance hip hop for many years and still likes to learn new moves.

On The Horizon: Brandon plans to master the guitar and drums he owns - just has to find time for lessons. Brandon will also make more friends, movies, and land more TV roles, of course!

Brandon in the Long Island News

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Brandon in Newsday

Brandon made a appearance for Teen Trend.


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